iBlend Public Relations (PR) is a top notch service that provides consultation services and advice for clients, artiste and up and coming entertainers. We focus on detailed attention to our clients by providing them with a personal and professional advice as well as meeting their demands.


We also provide our clients to a wide range through our contact base and social media outlet. In a world where information moves faster than the speed of light and communication is vital to all interactions, we assure you that we understand the importance of preserving your brand, protecting your image and promoting your products and services. Therefore we will strive to understand, encapsulate, develop and disseminate all relevant information and ideas that you entrust us with to ensure you keep key stakeholders feeling informed, involved and important.


Through the provision of Public Relations and Corporate Communications services our firm will help yours to persuade key stakeholders of your brand and your message. Through a number of well-executed PR campaigns and properly deployed tools we will manage relations with anyone of your choosing (including your employees, partners, investors, clients present and potential, and the general public). We will work with relevant parties to ensure that your messages come across to your target audience in a clear, concise and convincing manner that will further strengthen and position your brand in the most ideal way.


Our services are tailored to YOUR needs. Everyone’s communication needs are different, and we guarantee that we will understand YOUR brand and what you hope to portray and take it into complete account throughout the duration of our working relationship. We are open to suggestions and guidance as we strive to deliver each and every time because YOU are our client and the end goal of our services is to ensure greater success for you.